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Task 1 beneficiary partners






Task 1 non-beneficiary partners

  • Institut f. Medizintechnik , University of Luebeck , Germany;
  • University of Siegen, Germany.


Task 2 beneficiary partners






Task 2 non-beneficiary partners

  • Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna, Austria;
  • Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires de Bordeaux-Gradignan, France;
  • SCK•CEN Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, Boeretang, Belgium;
  • Techincal University Vienna, Vienna, Austria;
  • TIFPA, Trento, Italy;
  • Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain;
  • Universidad de Santiago, Spain;
  • Universidad de Sevilla, Spain;
  • Universiteit Hasselt - Campus Diepenbeek, Belgium.