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1st Meeting of the Biophysics Collaboration

1st Meeting of the Biophysics Collaboration, May 20-22, 2019. Darmstadt, Germany

" Every scientists interested in biomedical applications at particle accelerator is invited to contribute with your ideas and proposals. The participation is free, but registration on this webpage is mandatory. All information on the meeting will be posted on this website."

"The International Biophysics Collaborations goes beyond FAIR. In fact, there are many new accelerator facilities under construction all over the world (e.g. NICA in Russia, RAON in Korea, FRIB in USA, SPIRAL2 and SPES in Europe, etc.) where applied nuclear physics program are planned and biomedical research will be possible. The International Collaboration that we want to create will serve all these facilities, and will develop research programs and specific devices for use at various accelerators. The meeting will create a community of applied nuclear physics at accelerators that will look for new exciting research opportunities generated by the new facilities. To give a structure to the Collaboration, we will elect a spokesperson and an executive committee that will establish working groups and task forces on different topics."


XV Seminar on Software for Nuclear, Subnuclear and Applied Physics

May 27-June 1, 2018, Alghero, Italy

The "XV Seminar on Software for Nuclear, Subnuclear and Applied Physics" is organized by INFN-Laboratori Nazionali del Sud, University of Sassari and the “Centro Siciliano di Fisica Nucleare e Struttura della Materia”. It will be held at Porto Conte Hotel from May 27th June 1nd 2018, Alghero (Sardinia, Italy). The Seminar is aimed at PhD students and researchers, interested on software and its applications. It is structured in topical didactical units, lectures and practical sessions on the recent software developed for fundamental physics as well as for applied physics. This year seminars will be focused on Medical Physics. Moreover an official beginner course on the Geant4 Monte Carlo toolkit is organized within the seminar, featuring lessons and practical exercises given by Geant4 Collaborators. The Seminar will also include a basic course on FPGA programming techniques. A limited number of grants are available to cover fee and accommodation expenses. Registration is opened (deadline is May 10th, 2018) and all information can be found at the page: http://agenda.infn.it/event/AlgheroSeminar2018 In addition, for interested people, a test examination will be performed at the end of the school and a written certificate with grade will be issued. The Seminar poster is available at the following link: https://agenda.infn.it/internalPage.py?pageId=4&confId=14470. News and updates are also reported in the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SoftwareandGeant4School/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel</span>



Micro- and nanodosimetry for radiotherapy

November 17-18, 2017, Glasgow

Increased use of light-ion beam therapy, brachytherapy using low-energy emitters and radionuclide therapy have renewed and increased interest in micro- and nanodosimetry applied to RT. Long term experience in radioprotection, space and environment exists resulting in vast experience with detectors and modelling. Aim of this workshop is to bring these communities in better contact, to get the detector community interested in RT applications and to raise awareness within the RT community of the potential impact. Some initiatives have already moved in that direction (e.g. BioQuaRT, MediNet, etc.) The workshop aims to address this topic in a broad sense covering all applications in radiotherapy.

Talk presented at the workshop: P. Colautti, G. Magrin: Experimental microdosimetry of WG 8 of MediNet



V International Geant4 School

October 23rd to 27th 2017 Catania

The "V International Geant4 School" organized by Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN-LNS) will be held in Catania (Italy) from October 23rd to 27th, 2017. The School is aimed at PhD students and researchers interested to learn about the Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation code. Geant4 can be used for applications in high energy physics, astrophysics, medical physics, particle astrophysics and nuclear physics. A section will be focused on all main aspects of the C++ basic programming. Lectures will cover all aspects of the toolkit from basic installation through advanced topics. A special section focused on the Geant4-DNA module, will be organised on the last day.


Poster Geant basta.jpg
IV International Geant4 School

October 23rd to 28th 2016 Belgrade



ENLIGHT annual meeting 2016

September 15-17, 2016 Utrecht

Talk presented at the meeting: G. Magrin: MediNet, the detector oriented network of ENSAR2 for ion-beam therapy


International Workshop on "In-Vivo Dose Monitoring"

May 20, 2016, LMU Munich